Leading on the CX and brand strategy for campaigns and new product launches, as well as improving user experience and conversion on Samsung.com

During my role as Head of UX/UI at BBH, I worked on many projects for electronics and technology giant Samsung. These often involved collaborating with wider agency specialties to deliver full service solutions that spanned Digital, Experience, Social, Comms, OOH, and CRM.


European CRO

I led the UX/UI side of the conversion rate optimisation programme efforts for Samsung. Working with a partner data agency, we identified key areas within the customer journey that had the most potential to influence the user to purchase. We used data to put together opportunity matrices that helped narrow down optimisations worth exploring. My team and I then went about designing the changes that involved layout, content, copy and functionality so they could be A/B tested.

Over a year, optimisations were directly responsible for 16% of total sales increase in participating markets, with conversion doubling.

CRM Programme

As part of an Inter-agency team, I helped launch and grow Samsung’s programme for managing their relationship with customers. This included “Samsung People”, a system for getting help via chat, video or in-store demo’s.