A brand new app to help people understand and manage their pensions over their lifetime.

I worked with Door Global in a UX and UI capacity on a prototype for a new app meant to disrupt the world of pensions. The product focuses on providing insight and independence to individuals in the way they manage and contribute to their pension. I helped run workshops with stakeholders to establish the high level opportunity as well as specific design features. I managed a team of designers to build an Invision prototype that covered key user journeys that could be used to test with and secure funding.

Husky provides access to the most appropriate, unbiased, fully compliant pension choices, using their integrated technology platform. They partner with accountants to help employers reduce admin, simplify compliance and make informed workplace pension choices. Their service and software help everyone involved in pension selection and management – accountants, employers and staff – make the best choices. Their aim is to empower individuals and businesses with information and options, so they make the best decisions and have peace of mind when it comes to this important yet complex area.