A fully responsive web presence to showcase this comprehensive new tool for visualization and modeling.

I designed the OrgVue site to work with its parent company Concentra. It carries similar colours but has a reverse palette overall to give the site it’s own identity. As the site is more information based than marketing there is no photography, just screenshots to highlight the products beauty. As OrgVues capabilities can sometime be complex to explain, we worked with the leadership team to map out simple diagrams that give the user an immediate snapshot. They were created in a chalkboard style that is now a fundamental part of the brand.




OrgVue was conceived and developed by Concentra as a way to solve the lack of tools available for doing organisation design. Concentra was formed in 2005 when a group of management consultants combined with a group of software developers. The inspiration flows from the combination of consulting, analytics, computer science and design. It provides a beautiful way to understand organisations and is changing the insight available to every individual in an organisation.