A product that is changing the way we see organizational design.

I was strategically involved from the discovery phase of this new software product for organization design, HR analytics and workforce planning. From requirements gathering, UI mock-ups, scenarios and wireframes I helped realize the over-arching vision. From a brand standpoint I guided the name creation, defined the logo, colours, iconography and overall design language. A great deal of effort went into the creation of multiple data visualizations that need to adjust based on changing data and parameters. It is quickly becoming the premiere and most comprehensive tool for data management, modelling and surveying.



OrgVue was conceived and developed by Concentra as a way to solve the lack of tools available for doing organization design. Concentra was formed in 2005 when a group of management consultants combined with a group of software developers. The inspiration flows from the combination of consulting, analytics, computer science and design. It provides a beautiful way to understand organizations and is changing the insight we available to us.

OrgVue Website: http://www.orgvue.com

OrgVue Blog: http://blog.orgvue.com