A powerful brand and digital presence for this new offshore consultancy.

I worked with the team at Bisqit  on the brand and digital presence for this new consultancy that has an aim of disrupting and transforming the the conservative world of oil and gas. Having established a communications strategy built around ‘Powerful Thinking’ that nods to experts combining both left and right brain thinking, we reflected this tension through the logo, split imagery style and provocative headlines. I was the digital lead, helping to evolve the visual style by incorporating photography and illustration and brought movement through engaging parallax scrolling. The Powerful Thinking hub is the heart of the site and is brought to life through a steady flow of fresh content comprising of articles, opinion pieces, animated GIFs, vines, videos and infographics. The site is successful in enabling io to act as their own publisher and position themselves as thought leaders within the sector and has won multiple awards since launching.

IO oil and gas

io is a new model of upstream consultancy that delivers much-needed certainty into the design and planning of oil and gas development. Working in direct partnership with operators they bring together the world’s most powerful thinking to provide better solutions for offshore oil and gas developments. A GE and McDermott venture, io’s unique model of consultancy and philosophy will deliver greater certainty in offshore oil and gas development planning and redefine the traditional relationship between clients and contractors.

IO Website: http://www.iooilandgas.com